Liposuction & Luer Lock Fat Transfer Accessories

We have complete Range of liposuction cannulas & Luer lock Cannula accessories: Luer Lock Syringe Stoppers also called Snap Lock for 10cc, 20cc, 50cc, Luer Lock Syringe Caps, Luer lock to Luer transfer, Liposuction Cannula Handles, Luer lock handle, Toomey to Luer lock Syringe transfer, IV Spike Connectors, Syringe decant stand, Syringe Holding Devices,  Nano Transfer kit, Anaerobic Transfers, Decant Stand Anaerobic Transfers, Power Adaptor, SuperLuerLok Universal Syringe Adaptors

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Luer Lock to Christmas Tree Handle / luer Lock handle

Luer Lock to Christmas Tree Handle is used to connect with any luer lock cannula for boosting up procedures. Luer Lock Handle is made with Aluminum ma..


Toomey 60cc Syringe Transfer to Luer Lock Syringe

60cc Toomey Syringe is used to Transfer fat to Luer Lock Syringe.  By using Toomey Adaptor you can Easily transfer fat between a 60 cc Toomey Syr..


Toomey to Luer Lock Cannula Adapter

Toomey to Luer Lock Cannula Adapter is very useful during liposuction procedures, 60cc Toomey To Male Luer Lock Cannula Adapter. Allows you to connect..


Syringe Snap Lock / Syringe Stop Lock

Syringe Snap Locks also called syringe stoppers (Syringe stop lock) helps eliminate having to hold the plunger during aspiration. Just insert into the..


Female Luer Lock Cap / Luer Lock Syringe Cap

Female Luer Lock Cap / Luer Lock Syringe Cap is also called syringe tip stopper. We are Providing Luer lock Syringe caps in Aluminum material and in d..


Reusable NanoTransfer Set - Nano Fat Transfer With Filters

This reusable closed system helps size adipose tissue so that it is injectable with 27g and 30g needles. NanoTransfer - taking fat transfer to th..